Genetic Mutations: Methylation Issues and SOD3

I just joined a site called It enables one to convert one’s 23 and me genetic mutation info in a more meaningful form. If you haven’t done something like this, a service such as LiveWello could help you figure out some of the underpinnings that may be undermining your health. Services like LiveWello provide low cost interpretations of your genetic data that could help you and your doctor get to the next stage in your healing, as it hopefully will for me.

By looking at my genetic data through LiveWello, I just discovered I not only have a whole bunch of methylation issues (which I kind of suspected anyway), but I also found one in particular that could provide a key for me to feel a lot more energetic and healthier.

Apparently I have a genetic mutation that makes it difficult for me to process/make superoxide dismutase (SOD3). This mutation makes it very hard for my body to protect my cells from oxide radicals. This can increase central nervous system toxicity by inhibiting oxygen when dealing with nitrous oxide. It also can age one pretty quickly.  Apparently its somehow based on one’s copper/zinc ratios. So I want to find out more about it!

My  next step is to order some gluten free SOD. I recall taking it for a while a  few years ago and indeed it did make me feel better!

Further, I want to ask my doctor to test me for my zinc and copper ratios. Certainly I have read elsewhere that an improper copper and zinc ratio can increase histamine/amine issues and IMHO, brain fog and migraines! Who knows, maybe its even interfering with my being able to get to sleep at night.

All of this to me is good news in my quest to become more migraine and brain fog etc. free! Since after all, knowledge is power.  I will meanwhile investigate the meaning of SOD3 more thoroughly and write more about it in the near future. My hope is that this investigation of SOD3 can help a few other people who are also suffering from frequent migraines etc. too.



One thought on “Genetic Mutations: Methylation Issues and SOD3”

  1. Awesome article! Thank you for helping spread the word about this necessary and overdue movement to wellness.
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