Dr.Janice Jonega’s food lists re histamine/amines and masto issues:

Foods Matter article based on Dr. Jonega’s Histamine Bucket theory:

Sue Dengate’s Fed Up Food Intolerance Network (an excellent site for finding out about food allergies–here is her useful links page):

The Low Histamine Chef:
here’s Yasmina Ykelenstam’s page that relates more directly with migraines:
Here’s a page of interviews of Dr. Jonega and the like from the Low Histamine Chef:

The Histamine Intolerance Network Food List:

Mariska de Wild-Scholten’s article on histamine and migraines in

In addition, Dr. T. C. Theorides has been instrumental in providing groundbreaking research in the whole histamine/mast cell issue:

And not to forget part of the herbal point of view that has worked so well for me:
Weston A. Price article on the efficacy of herbal bitters:

Excellent TCM article in Chinese Herbs Healing about the healing properties of gentian root good for digestion, liver and gall bladder, inflammation, skin conditions and migraines etc.!:

I had info on the Royal Prince Albert Hospital’s food sensitivity protocol they developed in Australia, but am not finding it right now. I believe Sue Dengate’s work (see above) follows that method of discovery however. If anyone knows how to locate the RPAH protocol, please let me know at


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